AI Assembly Assistant

  • 100% Control for your assembly
  • Embedded All-In-One Solution
  • Replaces every visual check
  • Step by Step introduction

AI-Assembly Assistent

100% testing for your production
Embedded All-In-One solution
Replacement for any visual inspection
Step by step guide

Placement Inspection

Check live during assembly whether all components are correctly placed. No more rework and no more complaints due to placement errors.

Live - Assembly Assistant

Are the plugs inserted correctly? Is there no polarity reversal? Are all screws correctly tightened? With ModPCB you can be sure.

Automatic control with AI

Design your own AIs with our software tools to solve tasks like anomaly detection, object recognition or classification.

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Visit us at trade fairs or arrange a demo at your site!

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MOTEK, Stuttgart 10. - 13. Oktober
Productronica, München 14. - 17. November

Fiel of View

Interchangeable lenses and multi-cameras also allow fields of view of several metres.


The lens is selected according to your requirements. A few centimetres to several metres are possible.


Several resolutions are available for ModPCB and the additional cameras. Together with you, we will select the version that suits you best.

NoCode Philosophy

​Create your test programmes in the shortest possible time without time-consuming training.
All algorithms and AI models are simplified to such an extent that you can use them directly after commissioning.

Full integration in your production

ModPCB communicates with your MES system or local data infrastructure.
You can integrate external devices such as calipers, screwdrivers, lamps or buttons into the inspection programmes. 


Each ModPCB produces comprehensive data reports. This allows you to prove tests and trace error chains even months later.

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