Your camera based assembly assistant with artifcial intelligence 

 100% testing for your productiong
 Embedded all-in-one solution
 Replacement for visual inspection
 Step by step indructions
 Easy quality control  

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Your camera based 
assembly assistant with 
artifcial intelligence 

 100% testing for your production
 Embedded all-in-one solution
 Replacement for every visual inspection
 ​Step by step instructions
 Easy quality control 

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The fields of application of ModPCB

The fields of application of ModPCB​

with the following inspection characteristics

with the following
inspection characteristics

Position detection


Plug connection



AI component recognition

Positionserkennung eines ELKOS durch Kamerabasierte Prüfungen

Position detection

Markierungen auf den Bauteilen wie Ventile werden erkannt


ModPCB erkennt die Farben der Kabel für eine zuverlässige Qualitätskontrolle


ModPCB erkennt Anomalien auf verschiedenen Oberflächen und markiert die Stelle


ModPCB erkennt Steckverbindungen von Kabeln

Plug connection

ModPCB erkennt die Postiion eines DIP Schalters auf einer Platine und markiert die erkannten Schalter


ModPCB erkennt Capacitor auf der Platine durch künstliche Intelligenz

​AI component recognition

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ModPCB as an all-in-one System

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ModPCB as an all-in-one system

ModPCB befestigt an einem Montagearbeitsplatz mit Bildschirm und der Kamerasystem und Computereinheit

Unser Werkassistentensystem wird an jedem Arbeitsplatz montiert, an dem Prüfungen durchgeführt werden.
Dank unsere All-In-One Lösung - Computer, Kamera und Software in einem Gehäuse vereint - gestaltet sich die Integration in den Arbeitsplatz Ihrer Mitarbeiter äußerst einfach. Es ist problemlos möglich, mehrere Prüfungen aus verschiedenen Kameraperspektiven in das System zu integrieren.

Der NoCode-Ansatz ermöglicht Ihnen eine einfache Bedingung des Systems und führt Ihre Mitarbeiter interaktiv durch die Prüfprogramme.

  Your advantages with ModPCB

Symbol in verschiedene Richtungen stellt Flexibles System dar

Flexible system

 Possible applications are automated manufacturing or as an assistant in assembly
 Simple setup
 diverse software solutions

Symbol das in einer Sprechblase mit Easy und Haken die Einfache Bedienung darstellt

Simple operation

 new tests are easy to set up
 external monitor for interactive feedback and for operation
 Worker instruction

Symbol als Liste das Analyse und Rückverfolgung symbolisiert
Analysis and tracing

 Analysis and reports on audits
 Long-term tracking of your test data

Symobl als Verknüpfungsmuster mit Künstlicher Intelligenz
Innovative AI solution

reliable detection of complex tests
 extended functionality: classification, object and anomaly detection

Symbol mit Bildschirm mit Einstellungen stellt die einfache Integration in alle System dar

Full integration

 Connection of external devices
 Communication with your system

Hand mit Geldblume

Profitable solution

 quick amortization
 effective and fast testing
 Committees are avoided
 Fast training of new employees

Symbol, dass das variable Sichtfeld darstellt

Variable field of view

Interchangeable lenses and multi-cameras also allow fields of view of several metres.
Symobol das den flexiblen Arbeitsabstand darstellt

Flexible working distance

The lens is selected according to your requirements. A few centimetres to several metres are possible.

suitable resolution

Several resolutions are available for ModPCB and the additional cameras. Together with you, we will select the version that suits you best.

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Frequently asked questions

It can be used in all areas where visual inspection is required. ModPCB is already being used successfully in the automotive and medical industries, PCB production, furniture manufacturing and many other sectors.

The field of vision is highly variable. Interchangeable lenses and the option of connecting multi-cameras enable both very small and several meter large fields of view.

No. Normally, the ModPCB does not require any external light sources. The brightness at the assembly or production stations is sufficient for reliable testing.

ModPCB is an all-in-one system that is not much bigger than a book in comparison. During development, the focus was on simplicity and high performance at the same time. The camera-based assistant ModPCB from Vision4Quality therefore has a small computer with an integrated camera.

Basically everything that requires testing. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you with your application.

Yes, ModPCB allows inspection applications from multiple perspectives. Up to three cameras can be connected. This makes it possible to teach in and inspect additional quality features that may be difficult to access. If more additional cameras are required, we use the ModEye inspection system. 

When developing the ModPCB, a wide variety of external devices used in production or assembly were taken into account. The selection of devices ranges from manual code scanners to digital signals, pick by light and the integration of digital tools such as screwdrivers and many other devices. This allows you to achieve a high degree of digitalization, which is reflected centrally in the Vision4Quality inspection system.