Live assembly inspection for error-free production: flexible testing and integrated instructions

Error-free production with flexible testing and integrated guidance - for optimum quality in your production

Live assembly control is a very complex but, in our opinion, indispensable step in the production of machines and assemblies. For this reason, we have developed the ModPCB camera-based assembly assistant that monitors and checks assembly steps in real time.

By individually integrating the camera-based live assembly control, different viewing angles can also be adopted for an inspection by using several cameras. This also enables the inspection of complex geometries and very large components.

A major advantage of ModPCB is the ability to integrate external devices such as pick-by-lights, calipers, screwdrivers, lamps or probes into the inspection programs. This allows you not only to carry out visual inspections, but also to automate additional measurements and actions. The integration of external devices enables comprehensive and precise quality control directly in your production process.

During assembly, the system monitors every step and checks whether all components have been placed correctly. This ensures that the machines and systems function flawlessly and do not cause any problems. Live assembly control therefore makes a significant contribution to quality assurance and increases the reliability, efficiency and longevity of the machines and systems produced.

Our system not only enables the user to check the assembly, but can also guide the user at the same time. These integrated assembly instructions can be created individually during setup. Setup is very simple and effortless, as our system is characterized by an intuitive no-code philosophy.

Rapid localization of problematic faults caused by the machines offers a further advantage for camera-based control, in addition to live assembly control. This facilitates maintenance and repair work on the machines and systems. Overall, live assembly control is an important part of the manufacturing process and can therefore guarantee the high quality of the products produced.

Live assembly control with our camera-based solution is a very helpful digital solution for ensuring the quality of your products during the manufacturing process and thus guaranteeing efficiency in production.

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