Automatic control with AI

Benefit from the production assistant with AI technology

Automatic control with artificial intelligence offers a highly innovative approach to manufacturing in any industry. The machines and systems are equipped with our camera-based production assistant ModPCB. The use of Vision4Quality's artificial intelligence makes it possible to correctly analyze critical inspections in real time based on existing data. If deviations are detected, a direct indication of a corrective measure can be issued depending on the setting of the inspection step. Our system is therefore able to automatically detect even deviations and errors in production that were previously difficult to recognize. Defects that have already been detected can be classified using information provided by the inspector.

The advantages of using artificial intelligence in production are particularly high. Sources of error can be detected and rectified at an early stage, which increases the quality and reliability of the products produced. In the event of changes in production, the camera-based system can react automatically to changes, enabling efficient work with our camera-based quality control.

Automated control with artificial intelligence is an important step towards Industry 4.0 and enables automated and efficient production. Would you like to benefit from the advantages of automated control with AI? 
Then you should find out about the possibilities with us and consider implementing it in your production processes.

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