NoCode philosophy - simple operation without programming knowledge

NoCode guide for ModPCB: Easy setup, intuitive configuration and effortless control for a wide range of applications.

Create your test programs in the shortest possible time without extensive training. All algorithms and AI models are simplified to such an extent that you can use them immediately after commissioning.

Simple, intuitive and adaptable are the guiding principles of Vision4Quality with regard to the operation of our ModPCB. No compromises have to be made for the high complexity of the inspections in their production, on the contrary. By developing our own artificial intelligence, we are further expanding the possibilities of camera-based inspection.

The simplicity is reflected in the structure of our NoCode system. After the initial setup and installation of ModPCB, users quickly and easily gain an understanding of our platform. See for yourself and contact us for a live demo.

Leitideen des NoCode-Systems

 Einfache Einrichtung

NoCode tools allow users to quickly and easily establish a connection between cameras and their quality control software. No programming steps are required to implement image processing and analysis.

Intuitive configuration:

NoCode platforms provide a visual user interface that allows users to configure image processing algorithms. Drag-and-drop functions and pre-built components allow users to easily set parameters such as contrast, color detection, shape recognition and other quality features.


When it comes to quality control, there are always specific quality requirements. A flexible and simple configuration in the system is therefore essential and is based on a customizable NoCode system. Simple configuration allows users to adapt the software to different production lines, products or quality standards without having a deep understanding of how the systems work.

Successful integration in various industries

In the manufacturing industry, camera-based quality control with 100% inspection is used to ensure reliable production quality. With NoCode platforms, companies can implement such systems cost-efficiently and adapt them to their specific requirements.

The NoCode philosophy is also advantageous in the logistics and packaging industry as it enables companies in the logistics and packaging sector to adapt to the rapidly changing circumstances of packaging or labeling.

The NoCode philosophy reaches its full potential when the handling is as simple as possible and the users can concentrate on the actual work. Our camera-based quality control with ModPCB is the right step towards efficient control and simple operation.

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